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Mr. Blauer, Iíve been reading your work for years and appreciate how detailed and researched it is. However, Iím still a bit confused by what you mean when you say that we must train '3-Dimensionally'. What exactly do you mean?

The Ď3-Dimensionalí principle refers to the integration of psychological, emotional and bio-mechanic components to design and inspire training. In other words, my system is inspired by this simple rule: where & how we train must correspond to where & how we fight.

Unwittingly, most of us train in a one-dimensional arena; I call the Ďsport modelí (lets spar to the body/letís grapple/lets box/letís go shoot on the range at a stationary target). The Ďsport modelí always involves consent, awareness, focus on good form and proper technique. However, real fights rarely include consent, awareness, good form or proper technique! This is the greatest paradox of modern self-defense training and one of the reasons Ďexpertsí misunderstand our research.

Real confrontations occur in the three Dimensional world and all fights involve the dimensions of the body/mind system (emotional, psychological & physical). Therefore, all our principles and drills are based on emotional/psychological support or interference with a specific tactic (as would be the case in real life). Remember; in a real incident, sensory overload accounts for more fear, doubt and hesitation than the actual attack. The punch, tackle, shove is a one-dimensional obstacle that, in a vacuum, is fairly easy to defeat, but overload the intended recipient with emotions and thoughts outside the dojo, the ring, the tournament and many feel the pressure.

This reality has inspired our research for over two decades and itís why we have been doing simulations and controlled and scientific force-on-force training evolutions for the past 20 years.

Is certification necessary to teach your system?

The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEMô in its entirety details training evolutions on how to observe, integrate and convert natural flinching actions into tactical options, the course also includes sample SOPís for class room drills, 4 & 8 hour sample outlines, Use of Force models that include the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEMô tactics to supplement current information, training aids such as PowerPoint's and video on top of a 40 hour instructor development program (ID). To teach effectively, we have designed the ID curriculum, to facilitate effective and accurate transmission of the research, the drills and the tactics is crucial and every officer knows that virtually every action must be justified at some point. Therefore it is both diligent and prudent for an agency or region to learn the system properly. Please e-mail us for an instructor certification package or for course hosting information.

As a long-time martial artist I donít worry too much about my ability to handle myself in a confrontation. However, I have a wife and two daughters who arenít interested in hard-core training but would like to know some self-defense. Would your system be a good fit for them?

Absolutely. The tactics are simple and based on common actions. If youíve read about the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEMô you know that the program is based on instincts, intuition and natural movement triggered by behavior. Even the actual tactics we teach during a Ďstun & runí choice are demystified to mirror common movement so that the connection between muscle-memory and reactive response is bridged. This all sounds like Latin to some, but the system is simple to learn and with the right fear management and simulation training, people learn it very quickly.

I have a lot of respect and loyalty for my instructor, but I feel that we don't cover many of the emotional and psychological areas your research covers. I am eager to learn, but I sort of feel guilty that I'm considering studying your research.

Any serious martial artist knows there is no place for ego or politics in combat. You can effectively cross-train with us while studying another system. As the world gets more violent, Mr. Blauer's extensive research into real-life confrontations becomes even more valuable.

Can you really learn from a video?

It depends on the information on the video. Our videos are shot 'LIVE'. That means 'no-edits', no 're-takes' and no choreography. This process accomplishes two things: Firstly, you feel as though you're part of a class and secondly, it allows you to really see what our system is about. If you're serious about your training check out the UFS web-site and video reviews. These are independent reviews of many well-known martial artists' tapes. Please review their critiques for an unbiased opinion.

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