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We have PDR coaches located in various countries around the world. Please read this important information and if you're intersted in PDR training, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll do our best to put you in touch with a PDR coach in your region.

Who Is On The Team?

Our team includes a diverse array of personalities and experts from various martial and combative backgrounds. Aside from the martial capabilities of the team members, our roster includes a trauma surgeon, a dentist, a chiropractor, fitness experts, soldiers, police officers, federal officers, probation officers, businessmen, the list goes on. The cumulative 'intellectual capital' of the PDR program is one of the aspects that makes our program unique. Most Team members have their own schools or are seriously involved in other martial disciplines as well. Their interest in incorporating the PDR research is testimony to their professionalism and desire to improve and enhance the confidence and ability of their students.

*Some members of the team do not teach publicly due to their current job restrictions.

Are There PDR Coach Levels?

The Professional Program has several levels ranging from Fundamentals of Personal Defense, to actual scenario drills using the HIGH GEAR™ Simulation System, from Corporate Programs, to weapon defense and so on. Each Level is designed to enhance a professional instructor's understanding of our research as well as enhance their ability to safely & scientifically educate others.

Do PDR Coaches Only Teach Blauer Material?

Many on our team are very experienced or high ranking in other systems as well and offer their own programs at their schools. It's safe to say that all coaches integrate elements of our research throughout their other programs, but for the PDR process to really take, if your interest is fear management, self-control, safety & self-defense, its best to dedicate training blocks focused solely on our personal defense format and then begin exploring other arts.

What Will I Learn From A PDR Coach?

Your needs, their ability: Our team is comprised of professionals and if a coach feels that your situation requires an approach or expertise they are not qualified to provide, they will contact head office and we will do what we can to help out. The program deals directly with personal security and safety.

However, the chief focus of a PDR class is to enhance your awareness, focuses, fear management capacity, verbal skills and basic street defense skills. The formula approach we use is based on the Blauer System's Three D's:


Each coach is prepared to provide a PDR 'Only' program (Privately or seminar format) and some team members ONLY teach PDR principles & tactics, while some specialize in kids' training or women's self-defense only. That is why we try to match students with instructors.

Can I Get Advanced Training?

Depending on your objective and ability, there are many areas one can train in. In fact, there are 4 Phases in the PDR Professional Program. Each Phase represents a more exacting level of skill development, training drills and behavioral tools form street skills, the scenario drills, from weapons defense to corporate security to executive protection training.

*Higher level training such as law enforcement, military, EP and so on must contact our Combatives Training Division. There are some PDR coaches that are able to provide certain courses at this level, but command or agency requests must first go through our head office.

How Do I Select A Coach?

That depends on what you're looking to accomplish. We try to match coaches with the student's needs. Some of our coaches prefer to focus on children's classes, other have really invested energy in a women's program while others lean towards a more combative or MMA approach to the integration. This is why we prefer to have you send us a brief synopsis of what you want to learn and what your background is and how a coach can best contact you. This information then gets forwarded to the PDR coach in your region or the one that is most ideally suited to meet your needs will contact you.

If you are inquiring about training with a PDR Coach please provide us with some background information.

When determining the correct fit for a prospective student and a PDR coach this information will be of great value. Our objective is ensuring a good fit.

This is a link of coaches world-wide on the PDR Team website. Once you've determined that there is a coach in your region please email our program manager with the infomation below to set up a session (private, workshop or seminar).

Please copy & paste the following content into your e-mail.

Basic Information

Full Name:
City & State (Province):
Contact phone number (area code):
Best email to reach you:
Combined Martial experience (systems & years):
Current system or style:

Main Reason for PDR Training


Do you own any Blauer Tactical Systems home study material (videos, audios, manuals)? If so please list here.

*This can help create a reference point for classes or initial dialog.

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