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Be Your Own Bodyguard

Personal Training

The Personal Defense Readiness mindset and toolbox should be a component in everyone's life: man, woman or child.

Aside from the street defense applications, learning more more about safety, awareness, proactive thinking, avoidance skills, fear management, self control, verbal de-escalation will have direct positive impact on any person's confidence Our formula and program is the result of over 20 years of professional teaching.

No matter where we teach, all our courses are customized. We apply a 'risk management' model to diagnose, assess and then recommend a training path based on your needs alone. In essence, 'Personal Defense' is literally personalized.

Breakdown of audiences

Martial Artists

If you are  a martial artist seeking new tools, drills, insights into street defense, personal safety and so on, check out our BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD special package in our online shop, as well be sure to get on our e-mail data base for notification of upcoming seminar training options.

Corporate Professional

If you are looking for personal training for you, your colleagues visit the Corporate Courses Rational. We provide several options. The curriculum is based on the target audience, their needs and their response-ability. We can provide professional training in your home, to you, your family or your staff in the workplace. We offer motivational seminars that focus on fear management, as well as specific expatriate & travel programs, like our 2-day BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD course for mid-level executives who must travel extensively and wish to know more about personal safety abroad.

Defensive Tactics Or Combatives Instructor

If you are a trainer involved in law enforcement or military training and wish to start or add to a personal defense program please visit the Instructor Certification page.

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