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Law Enforcement


Officers are really only at risk when they are ambushed. The real fight is a sudden explosive surprise. The real fight bears no relationship to sparring or to cooperative training drills.


The extreme close quarter attack in real life is the attack most responsible for officer injury and death. Conventional DT training doesn't address this type of attack.


Most DT courses focus on defensive  physical skills to control the the subject.  Further, most DT programs emphasize 'control tactics'. These systems work well on passive resisters, but not on aggressive resisters. For these opponents, police officers need an 'Out-of-Control' System.


Penetrating the 'Reactionary Gap' is when predator and prey determine their fate. This is the 'Kill-Zone' and this is the time and place most predators make their move. The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is the only hand-to-hand combative program that uses the opponents attack to launch the counter, the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM's™ speed, reliability and intuitiveness relies on hardwired components within the survival system. This makes it the most reliable and simplest system to learn,and absolutely crucial for close quarter confidence. Finally LEO’s, UC, SWAT and others have a researched, tactical and comprehensive method to penetrate the reactionary gap with total focus on the adversary.


At BTS we pioneered a process known as: Emotional Climate Training, a process that creates a 'Synthetic Experience' safely and scientifically. We have developed a curriculum that effectively addresses the behavioral requirements needed to win this type a fight.  Our 'Officer Survival School' features patented training concepts and learning models that will help you or your agency inject safe, effective tactics into the Use of Force curriculum without changing anything currently in your training model. Along with the HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction scenario suit and the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, we provide training that truly improves a police officer's presence and confidence in extreme close quarters.

"The will to win, compares little with the will to prepare to win.", from 'What are you willing to do to win?'

-Coach Bear Bryant


To enhance your real-life survivability or that of your personnel, your specialty teams, and so on, it is crucial that tactics are not static, theoretical or technique driven.


To confidently engage any opponent, at any time, an officer must aggressively commit to acquiring real-life survival skills. The truth is in the training. Control tactics are only part of the officer survival equation. Partial training means partial preparation. LEO's are urged to read our breakthrough article on awareness, self-training and mindset entitled 'THE THEORY OF PRESUMED COMPLIANCE'. This treatise on training, originally featured in A.S.L.E.T.'s 'THE TRAINER' magazine, is a key component of Calibre Press's 'STREET SURVIVAL' seminar workbook and has also been adopted by the State of Wisconsin's Training & Standards Board. It has also been republished by many other state and local agency bulletins and magazines looking to enhance the preparedness of their officers. If you would like a copy or permission to use it within your agency, simply e-mail our office and request a copy today.

Please contact us today for a full information package on how you can learn more about this important new DT program.

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