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Scenario Training

Blauer Tactical Systems has developed a specialized & proprietary program called Ballistic Micro-Fights™ (BMF) to assist trainers in designing ‘readiness’ tests for their students or personnel.

The BMF is the first organized scientific approach to designing realistic scenarios based on real world encounters. Through the carefully researched and focused examination of the most dangerous moments of an attack, including the verbal and pre-contact cues, students can learn either from replicated scenarios of their own experience, or from 'replicating' attacks seen in video or on TV or from creative training evolutions developed with the assistance of a certified coach.

The BMF formula can adapt to any training scenario, system and in any environment. Performed correctly, it incorporates pain management, impact threshold drills, reaction time principles, pre-contact cue development and improves combative spontaneity and much more.

A BMF replicates the explosive, ambush moments in real fights and helps students and instructors take the guess work out of preparing for these 'big bang' moments.

The BMF program is not about a technique, a 'secret move', the 'action' or even the result. It’s about the entire training experience and the intellectual capital gained from that experience. The training is created to effect one goal: greater confidence during real life dynamic confrontations. And best of all, the formula can be adapted to any system or style.

BMF's turn 'Reality into Science™'.

For more on BMF certification or to host or attend a BMF seminar please e-mail combatives@blauertactical.com

NOTE: HIGH GEAR™ is an integral component to the BMF formula, as well as a standalone product, and can be used alongside any training system currently in place to improve realism and enhance safety.

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