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Mixed Martial Arts


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RANDY COUTURE, PAT MILETICH, CUNG LE, MIKE MCDONALD, CARLOS NEWTON...just some of the world's best who've integrated HIGH GEAR™ into their training.

Protect your Assets: Your Fighters and their Bodies!


We know real fights take place without gear...but there are times and drills where intelligent protective gear could be used in pre-fight preparation, drills that could improve performance and increase a fighter's career longevity. Pro boxers integrate heavier protection to prepare for fight night, MMA fighters should as well.


HIGH GEAR™ is a missing link that can help improve training intensity, refine technique under resistance, diversify tactics, as well as help fighters protect & heal injures while continuing to train for events.


While MMA is about tactics, it is also about toughness, so we've designed HIGH GEAR™ to transfer energy & impact. In other words...you still get hit and feel it! But, it protects you from cuts and major bruising. The gear is an excellent way to provide targets without the usual risk.

As fight night approaches, Pro fighters need to "turn it up & turn it on" as they peak for fight-night, so HIGH GEAR™ can also be used to protect sparring partners.


We're trying to help MMA competition & competitors by providing gear that allows you to train hard, experiment, expand your arsenal and protect your body.


Integrating state-of-the-art protective gear sends a professional message regarding safety and preparation. As well, integrating HIGH GEAR will improve performance and increase a fighter's career longevity. Think about it...why do Pro boxers use heavier gloves & headgear to prepare for fight night? MMA fighters should take a hint from the sweet science.

Watch a MMA demo fight with both fighters in full HIGH GEAR click here

Download our 20-page PDF color brochure, click this link


Arguably the the most grueling fight game you can engage in, mixed martial arts has arrived. With the huge success of the UFC® and other events like K1, Pride and so on, professional training teams and gyms have also exploded on the scene. If you are looking to learn the sport or expand your skills, please be diligent in selecting a training center. All force-on-force training brings with it risk of injury so make sure you study with professional trainers, get referrals, watch some training sessions to be sure the coaches are experienced and are diligent with safety and protective gear for specific contact evolutions.

While there are many excellent trainers around the world, we have associations with only a few who also recognize the quality and integrity of our HIGH GEAR suit and have incorporated HIGH GEAR into some of their personal training evolutions.

Here is a list of trainers we highly recommend:

TEAM QUEST: Team Quest is committed to excellence in competitive fighting and self-defense. With four-time Ultimate Fighting Champion Randy "The Natural" Couture, Olympic Silver Medalist and #1 Middleweight Matt "The Law" Lindland, and Pride Fighting sensation "Dangerous" Dan Henderson. Click here get to their site.

MILETICH MARTIAL ARTS: Pat Miletich has trained more world champions than any other trainer in the world, and takes great pride in getting a fighter to the pinnacle of the sport in ultimate fighting. However most people do not know that 95% of all students trained at Miletich Martial Arts are people that have no intention of ever stepping into the ring. Click here to get to their site.

Cung's team of qualified and experienced instructors will lead you to learn and apply the basic techniques of Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing). Cung Le Martial Arts Training Centers offer programs of instruction with experienced instructors both "in" and "out" of the competitive circuit, thus providing you with top notch quality instruction. Click here to get to their site.

MIKE MCDONALD: Mike is a K-1 legend. If you havent seen him fight you need to get your hands on some video footage. Try to get to one of his clinics or boot camps. Click this link to visit his site.

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